During one of my stays in Barcalona, I visited a flea market. I always get a bit nervous when i visit these kind of markets or stores. There’s a lot of junk which I don’t like, but still there’s something inside of me that is afraid of missing that beautiful piece that I could have bought for little money. Off course there isn’t. But there’s also this stuff what I like, but never buy it because it doesn’t fit in my room or with the rest of the furniture or stil is to expensive. And most of the time I do a quick round and I’m of again.

But because I’m in the middle of project which I’m doing with my art-director and designer Ingrid van der Veen (Popsicle) where we use a lot of stuff you could find on flea markets and make still lives with them, I forced myself to walk around longer and have a good look at all the things being sold.

On these market there are a lot of traders and they most of the time sell a lot of different goods in there little shop area. There’s not a trader with only old chairs or one with old paintings. No they just sell everything they think it could bring some money. Do they like the stuff they sell there selfs? Is it just business? Did they think about the way, they put there trade on the tables?

On this market there where a lot of saint statues being sold. The stuff I like, but would not buy. Normally I see them and get a little smile and would walk along. But this time I recognized something in the way the statues where standing between al the other stuff. They really brought some peacefulness in the chaotic surrounding. A bit fragile between all the stuff that was not related to it at all. Being so different and vulnerable gave them there beauty to me. First I took a photo with my phone. Just for the instagram pic. Look world what I just saw… But then I saw a second one, and I found it to beautiful not to take a picture with my camera with the right way of depth setting and being able to do some post-production with it later. I found a few more and a new project was born. I don’t know where it’ll bring me. I don’t know if there’s a story in it. But I like what the pictures are bringing me already. A peaceful little smile on my face.

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