In Mai the Whiskey paring book ‘De Keuken in met Whiskey’ , freely translated as ‘Take your Whiskey to the Kitchen’, got launched at 3 Michelin star ‘Restaurant De Librije’.

After a couple of months working with a great, passionated, completely Zwols team, the book could finally be presented to the audience. All a little bit nervous, because we were very happy with the result and hoped everybody would agree with us. And they did! We already had some great response and people kept on going through the book to enjoy it.

Hans Offringa, well known as a whiskey connaisseur, asked the Librije to collaborate in this food and whiskey paring book. In about 4 sessions Hans, Debby, Thérèse and Jonnie compared the taste of the chosen Whiskeys and the culinary dishes. Although they took there job very serious, it was nice to see them having a lot of fun with it also. I tried to bring that back into the pictures and designer Laurien Stam brought it back into the design of the book. Not the dark colors that whiskey books mostly have, but a modern, bright and happy look and feel.

The book is published bij Karakter Uitgevers and now for sale at all book stores in the Netherlands and costs € 29,99. You can also order one, or better more, by sending me a mail.