In May the whiskey and food book ‘De Keuken in met Whiskey’  (freely translated as ‘Take your Whiskey into the Kitchen’) got launched at the 3 Michelin star ‘Restaurant De Librije’.

Hans Offringa (well known whiskey connaisseur) asked the Librije for a collaboration to make a cook book based on different whiskeys. Hans, Debby, Thérèse, and Jonnie compared the taste of certain whiskeys and the culinary dishes. It was delightful to see professionals team up and making such a great contribution to culinairy books.

For me the result of this impressive team was easily translated into the pictures. Graphic designer Laurien Stam obviously was as inspired as I was, which is reflected in her book design. The fibrant colours that pop of the page, due to her usage of dark background colours. This gives a warm but modern feel to the book.

After a couple of months working with a great, passionate, completely Zwolle bassed team, the book was finally presented to the world. We were thrilled with the result. We received great responses, which we appreciated greatly.

The book is published bij Karakter Uitgevers (click here to order one online) and now for sale at all book stores in the Netherlands for € 29,99.