During my visit I was impressed by the huge Singapore towers. Like I was in Hongkong, Bangkok and Shanghai and probably will be in New York, Dubai and Doha.

It’s an architecture’s heaven I can imagine. In Singapore you’ll find much green around and on the buildings. Like they sprout between the trees and took some with them. There are many buildings with a typical character. If you think they’re beautiful are not doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it is in the styles, sometimes it’s in how impressive they are, sometimes it’s the typical location and sometimes it is in the architectural solutions. For me it felt that although there’s almost no humanity in the size of the buildings, the humanity was in how the towers ‘communicate’ with each other when they stand in a group or in the static and solitary way they stand or are build, you could hang some human feelings on them. But maybe it is just because I needed some humanity back in a city that is lived and ruled by a lot of people, but where, if you would imagine the buildings were people, humans would be small as ants.

Coming from the Netherlands where a 30 leveled building is already a very big one the horizon in Singapore is completely different then what i’m used to. Walking through the city between the towers, I felt like looking up a lot, just to see some sky. This gave me a different view on the space between these buildings. This rest space in the sky I would never find in the Netherlands and I was wandering If I would color the sky what would happen with this rest form comparing to the buildings? Will it change there character? Will it still be buildings? Will it get more abstract then it already is? What happens with the perspective? This was the start of a new project, where in I do research to these questions and still act within the subjects where my autonomous work is about. The results of this project you’ll soon find in the gallery page.