During my visit I was impressed by the magnificant Singapore towers. It’s an architecture’s heaven I can imagine. In Singapore you’ll find a lot of greenery around and on the buildings. At almost seems as if they sprouted out of the earth and took the trees with them into the sky. There are many buildings with a typical character. Whether you think they’re beautiful are not, it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it is in the details, sometimes it’s their impressiveness, sometimes it’s the location, and sometimes it is in the architectural solutions.

For me personally, even though the size of the towers seemed almost alien where no humanity is present, the towers ‘communicate’ with each other. How they seem to stand in a group or in the stationary solitary way, they can be pictured as looming giants with human feelings  and humanistic characters. But maybe it is just because I needed some humanity in a city and a city should represent people. This humanisation of towers, as it makes you feel like tiny ants that makes you aware of the immensness of cities like Singapore.

Coming from the Netherlands, where a 30 floor building is considered tall, Singapore’s horizon is extremely different from what i’m used to. Walking through the city between the towers, I felt like looking up, searching for some sky. This gave me a different sense on the space between these buildings. The buildings restricted my view on the sky, however it framed in in an interesting way.

I started wondering what would happen when you add colour to this framed perspective? Will it change there character? Would it adhence the ‘communication’ between the towers? Will the buildings still be seen as buildings? Will it get more abstract then it already is? This was the start of a new project, where in I do research to these questions and still act within the subjects where my autonomous work is about. The results of this project you’ll soon find in the gallery page.