End of februari I visited Singapore. The city I heard some great things about. And I loved it. I must say I do like big cities like Hongkong, Bangkok and Shanghai so it didn’t surprise me that much.

Singapore is clean, comfortable and although very busy and unlike Amsterdam where you almost literally can walk over the heads of all the people, it has space. There’s not much contrast in the weather and not much in the cultures of the city as well. I didn’t find the rough edges. But there are contrasts. If you look at it in a different way. Maybe there are more cities in the world that have these kind of differences, even the ones I visited before, but I didn’t notice it in the way I saw it in Singapore.

It’s in the way where they build there towers. As you can see in the pictures, they’re┬ásometimes literally build in the backyard of a small ‘older’ house that was already there. A small cosy street can end in an enormous building. The contrast in characters of buildings. The inhumanity of levels in these towers where humans are supposed to live in. Here in Holland, this could never happen. I like it though.

I liked my visit at Sentosa as well. Contrast wise. This artificial isle you have to go to by the train. For me it felt as if I stepped into a wrong movie. The voice out of a speaker in an almost total empty hall on the top floor of a shopping mall made me feel like I was stepping into a space ship. The island is almost completely filled with theme parks and beaches that look like them on a tropical island, ┬ábut here you almost swim between the oiltankers and container ships that wait for the shore to be unloaded…