I spend time on these research projects and sketch pictures next to the submission projects that are now running. As I travel through several countries and visit a lot of cities, I play around with my camera to take pictures of sceneries that somehow are touching me while walking through the streets. Sometimes it’s the seemingly staged way that a certain spot shows itself to me. Sometimes it’s the desolateness of a scene that touches. Sometimes I passed by such a scenery accidentally, sometimes I’m looking for a certain image, like the towers, for example. The research is on what touches me in a picture and does it stay within in my ‘artist statement’. Where are the borders and where can I cross them? What kind of sceneries are the most touching?

In the post-production I take a good look at every picture to find out what interestes me in this picture. If there is a tension are a certain feeling that make wanna choose this picture for the editing process. And I look if there could be a story in what developed itself in my subconsciousness by the pictures I took. Then the editing starts and there is a lot of photoshop involved in that. Meanwhile I’m trying to notice If I could set it to my own product. If I can create such kind of sceneries or if I can use anything out of what is happening during the editing process to create a picture the way I want to show a certain scenery instead of register and show what I saw to the world.

These pictures are only ment to be inspiration material and for experimentation. Although they could be already a project on it’s own, for me they are only sketches. Because I see myself more as a sculptor and a bit of a painter, the reality doesn’t matter much to me. I wanna make images that I created from the elements that touch me. It doesn’t have to be a real image of what was there in reality. I wanna show it as I saw it in my imagination.