On 28th of November I will travel to Shanghai to show some of my recent autonomous works. Some of them are already exposed at the 3 michelin star restaurant and hotel Librije in Zwolle. I can call Jonnie en Therese Boer one of the Ambassadors of my work. They show the photo’s to there visitors with a kind of proudness about them hanging on the wall’s of there hotel.

I’m very happy about the trip. Not only because I will show my pictures at a nice art gallery, but also because I’m gonna visit my art friend Peter Riezebos who invited me to come over and is also my biggest Ambassador in Asia. I’m also gonna make some nice culinary pictures for a good restaurant where Peter made some beautiful paintings.

Also a bit nervous, but already very happy with the prints made by Fotolab Amsterdam and stuck by Bootsma Tech in Zwolle.2015-11-20 16.09.22 2015-11-20 16.05.45 2015-11-20 16.00.44 2015-09-11 17.57.01 2015-08-20 08.04.09 2015-08-12 11.21.07 2015-08-12 11.20.48 2015-08-12 11.20.09 2015-08-11 12.18.38