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Welcome to the website of Ron Greve, Photojournalist and Artist

Lately, I have been engrossed in watching the thought-provoking documentaries of the legendary Anthony Bourdain. This acclaimed journalist, who rose to fame largely because of his passion for street food, has truly inspired me. What struck me most is the fact that even fine-dining chefs draw inspiration from the street food culture. This realization has given me a new perspective on my work as a photographer.

As I watched these documentaries, I came to the profound realization that the books I have been working on and the ones that I aspire to create in the future are, in essence, documentaries. This realization has made me question my role as a photographer. Am I just a commercial photographer who takes pictures for the sake of selling products, or am I something more?

Watching Anthony Bourdain's documentaries has given me a new sense of purpose. I now see myself as a photojournalist, someone who uses the power of images to tell compelling stories about the world around us. Whether it's a story about the vibrant street food culture in Asia or the lives of people in remote corners of the world, I am now more committed than ever to capturing these stories and sharing them with the world.

In conclusion, I am grateful for the inspiration that Anthony Bourdain's documentaries have brought into my life. They have given me a renewed sense of purpose and have helped me see my work in a whole new light. I now see myself as a photojournalist, and I can't wait to see where this newfound perspective takes me.

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