The Creative Chef Collection

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Share with us the enthusiasm to make this world a better place by changing the food system.

Our food system is broken and needs a change. Ron founded the Creative Chef Collection because for him chefs are the artists of the food system and they have a significant role in creating awareness, creating new food experiences, experimenting with old and new products, and opening discussions. 

A chef is so much more than the sum of his recipes.
Ron believes that they deserve to be heard in their own right to educate, inspire and create new visions.

The Creative Chef Collection highlights stories of hope and success in changes that are already happening. 

Cookbooks in general are only concerned with results, with instructions for dishes that are the sum of the chef’s experience and creativity.  

The Creative Chef Collection will go further: each volume will explore the personality of one particular chef through his origins, identity, and philosophy;  it will also reveal how drive, creativity, and inspiration unite to form a unique culinary signature.

The Creative Chef Collection will showcase collaborations with his farmers and suppliers wherein more sustainable visions of our food system come together.

A truly creative chef does not merely satisfy the appetite: he provides nourishment for the soul. He touches his guests with his creations, links his story to theirs, and is connected to the world beyond the kitchen.

Creative, inspired, and open.
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