Restaurant Locavore is suited in Ubud on Bali, Indonesia. Let by EELKE PLASMEIJER and RAY ADRIANSYAH. Both were running the kitchen of Alila Ubud before. Locavore stands for the use of local products. And that’s what they are famous off. With there Localab as a big part in their creative way in thinking about food, they are one of best restaurants in Asia. In fact they were nr 42 on the worlds 50 best Asia in 2019.

In 2018 I started to live on Bali and Locavore was on top of my list to work with. After meeting Eelke and having a few of the cocktails served in The Nightrooster, the opportunity came to work together. As the Bali energie decided, the magazine Food Inspiration asked me to do a photo series about them That was published in June 2019. These are some of the pictures.