Big architectural stuff is all about the humanization of lifeless things.

Like the bottles and glasses in my staged still lifes, these buildings become persons for me as well. For me they seem to communicate with each other and it seems like there is some interaction. As they stand there unmovable reaching high up in to the sky, I feel small and fragile, almost like a child. They could frighten me, but somehow they don’t. Maybe because of there protective character.

This series of photo’s also was ment to be studie material for new work. I don’t know yet where it will leed me to. Maybe it has to be this. I putted them in a galerie to show you what inspires me. A view pictures all ready where an inspiration for a project I did for Scotch Whisky International, where I had to set up a picture for a large ceiling cloth and a few wallpapers. I made a scenery of bottles of whisky as if it where sky scraper towers and photographed them from beneath, so it looks like your in between towers in the shape of bottles filled with whisky when you look up.