The ‘In Relation’ series on this site is an on going project. In this blog I’ll give you a small peak behind the scenes of the making of this series.

The inspiration comes from old and sometimes new group or family pictures. Especially the ones that have this rigid pose. I’m always wondering if the people liked to be in the same picture with each other or being in a picture at all. There always seems to be someone with a bit more distance then the others from each other. Why is that? What is his/her relation to the others? What was he/she really thinking? Does she/he like the others?

walter_henry_veal_and_family rabinowitz old_family-35 Bad-Family-Photos-1950s-Family


Ones I putted a few bottles and a few glasses together and they looked like a familie to me. Then I started to shift them a bit around and the same distance started to appear as in the pictures I described. I started to put my feelings about my own family relations in it. The glasses are the children and the bottles the parents. Creating a family portrait, reflecting myself and my feelings on one of them.

2015-03-31 17.32.48-1 2015-03-27 18.32.40-1

Painting them gives them even more some humanity and I can play with the contrasting colors to make it more or less dramatic. It is important to me that the pictures have some stillness in them. So people or caught by it. This stillness may hurt. Because most of the time the pictures or about the pain of being in a family. A family acting in relation to his surroundings, to society and to each other. Not always as perfect as it looks like or as people like to see it. We often don’t show our struggles to the world and often don’t want to see the struggles of others.

First I start with painting the wall and floor plate in one color that is also useable for an other project.

2016-03-09 21.40.292016-04-08 15.04.31

I choose some colors that is comparing with the background. I’ll do some experimenting with it by putting them together in photoshop or just on the ground

2016-04-11 14.01.23

Then I make a light setting. For each shoot a different one that fits the atmosphere of the background collor.

2016-03-02 14.36.35-12016-04-14 12.07.56 2016-04-14 14.27.09 2016-04-14 11.31.55

During the setting up of the scenes I decide what colors I need for the bottles and glasses. I’m still experimenting a lot. I break the bottles or glasses. I burn them, I give them different colors. Just playing around. In full concentration though.

2016-04-15 16.03.322016-04-17 12.26.42I shoot my picture with a Phase One camera in Tether modus, so I can see every picture directly on my laptop screen. After a few days of shooting I go to the office and look through all the pictures and it’s ‘kill your darlings’ time. And then the ‘painting’ starts. I use photoshop to make the picture as I was seeing it in the studio. That doesn’t mean it was like that in reality. What I exactly do, I don’t tell. But for me to picture may look like a painting. That when you are in front of it, you’ll have to look twice to see if it’s a painting or a picture.

he always tried to be the sweetest 175x120

Thank you for being interested and reading this blog.