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Though the camera is a big part of the many tools I use, I don’t directly wanna call myself a photographer. The photographic part is more a means then a goal of its own. Like a painter has the freedom, by use of color and form, to create his image to his own imagination of reality, I take the freedom to form, that what the camera perceives, to my imagination by use of postprocessing. I don’t register, I create. Mostly a setting is build as if I were a sculptor. Often one and the other is collected, painted and built first, before a setting is created. I make a lot use of colors that can work contrasting to each other or bring tranquility in the image.
Ron Greve
Ron Greve

research projects for new autonomous work

I spend time on these research projects and sketch pictures next to the submission projects that are now running. As I travel through several countries and visit a lot of cities, I play around with my camera to take pictures of sceneries that somehow are touching me while walking through the streets. Sometimes…

Whiskey and Food book by Hans Offringa & restaurant Librije

In May the whiskey and food book ‘De Keuken in met Whiskey’  (freely translated as ‘Take your Whiskey into the Kitchen’) got launched at the 3 Michelin star ‘Restaurant De Librije’. Hans Offringa (well known whiskey connaisseur) asked the Librije for a collaboration to make a cook book based on different whiskeys. Hans,…

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