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Though the camera is a big part of the many tools I use, I don’t directly wanna call myself a photographer. The photographic part is more a means then a goal of its own. Like a painter has the freedom, by use of color and form, to create his image to his own imagination of reality, I take the freedom to form, that what the camera perceives, to my imagination by use of postprocessing. I don’t register, I create. Mostly a setting is build as if I were a sculptor. Often one and the other is collected, painted and built first, before a setting is created. I make a lot use of colors that can work contrasting to each other or bring tranquility in the image.
Ron Greve
Ron Greve

Singapore Towers. Where the human size is almost gone.

During my visit I was impressed by the huge Singapore towers. Like I was in Hongkong, Bangkok and Shanghai and probably will be in New York, Dubai and Doha. It’s an architecture’s heaven I can imagine. In Singapore you’ll find much green around and on the buildings. Like they sprout between the trees…

Singapore a state of contrast??

End of februari I visited Singapore. The city I heard some great things about. And I loved it. I must say I do like big cities like Hongkong, Bangkok and Shanghai so it didn’t surprise me that much. Singapore is clean, comfortable and although very busy and unlike Amsterdam where you almost literally…

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