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Though the camera is a big part of the many tools I use, I don’t directly wanna call myself a photographer. The photographic part is more a means then a goal of its own. Like a painter has the freedom, by use of color and form, to create his image to his own imagination of reality, I take the freedom to form, that what the camera perceives, to my imagination by use of postprocessing. I don’t register, I create. Mostly a setting is build as if I were a sculptor. Often one and the other is collected, painted and built first, before a setting is created. I make a lot use of colors that can work contrasting to each other or bring tranquility in the image.
Ron Greve
Ron Greve

Link to my work in the collection of Art GoGo Shanghai

Art Gogo is the representative of my work in Shanghai. This is the link to the website.

New client shoe designer ESH dutch Design

I’ve got myself a new client in ESH Dutch Design. This Dutch shoe designer is very happy to work with me. Erna Schipper is the woman behind ESH. She designs shoes on demand. Each pare is therefor an unique one, like a peace of art. So we decided to photograph the shoes as…

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